Global Game Jam 2019 project

For some of us, home is where the office is. Yeah, we find ourselves working more and more, making games for the most part, and it's like a second home.

This game is about two employees at an office getting so fed up with each other that they start throwing things, trying to get the other one angry enough so they lose their temper completely and get fired.

They start by throwing paper balls, but slowly collect powerups, joints that help them relax and reduce their anger, staplers they can throw at each other to make them angried, fireballs that will burn the other employee to the ground, and calling the boss for a short ceasefire.

This game can be played single player on mobile, with mouse, or with a gamepad. Local multiplayer is available when you have two gamepads connected.

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Download 45 MB

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Very funny game! It was a bit difficult to play on my touchpad but the game is cool.